We are sending this email to thank you for your assistance in finding and purchasing our new home here in Millicent.
Melissa, thank you for your caring attitude and making the process simple and easy. You followed up our queries and questions quickly and efficiently.

- Kevin and Diane

Beachport winner!

Thank you again! Iā€™m so thrilled with my purchase and your service. You have been so helpful and supportive in my first home purchase.

- Ruby
Fitzroy North

Pleasing result

Thankyou so much for selling our property with so much honesty, transparency & professionalism (& calmness). We are super appreciative of the huge effort!

- Michael & Judy Kemp
Rocky Camp

First home buyer appreciation

Thanks for making it a smooth and easy process!

- Hamish

Excited purchasers

THANK YOU so much for all you have done to support us to get to this point, Angela. You truly have enabled our dream to come true. We wish we could move there now!!

- Sam and Erin

Exciting times!

We are just over the moon Ange! Thank you so much. Exciting times šŸ˜†šŸ˜†

- Zach and Ange


Ang thankyou for your efforts to market our property, we do very much appreciate your total professionalism and warm and friendly approach.

- Craig and Janet


Hi Angela, I wanted to let you know that after much conversation and heart searching, we've decided that we need to find our new home closer to Naracoorte. (Where my brother lives). Therefore we won't be making an offer on any of the properties you showed us. We do want to thank you for all your time and information and insights, we really appreciate it. It certainly helped us clarify our search.

- Carolyn and Jeff
Gold Coast

Investor appreciation

Thankyou for everything that you have done to sell this property for me. I will not hesitate to contact you if I wish to invest in Millicent again.

- Alison

Appraisal experience

You have a very relaxed style and efficient way of making observations. We both felt very comfortable with your visit - enjoyed it actually.

- Shirley

Happy purchaser

WOW this is overwhelming kindness, and consideration to an individual. Sincere gratitude. I trust that as you continue to negotiate through your day to day business and meet requirements that you are blessed in whatever way is meaningful to you.

- Christine

Great feedback!

"Was in asking rural properties an hr or so ago..I've just had an offer accepted on a block in another area but thanks and it was really nice to briefly meet your friendly self in this nice friendly town. I will keep this area in mind for the future." Greg

- Greg


"Thanks Angela, it was a real pleasure yesterday. The South East is so beautiful, I can't wait to move down. The people that live there are very lucky, thankyou again"

- Rhys